Activities in the vicinity of Clos de Zélie

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Beaujolais region and explore a world of pleasures: tasting prestigious wines, cycling through the vineyards, taking off in a hot-air balloon, and discovering the surrounding villages and châteaux. Our gîte offers you total immersion in the charm of the region, creating unforgettable memories at every turn.

Visits to Beaujolais cellars

Explore the cellars of the Beaujolais for a unique experience: discover the secrets of winemaking, wander through picturesque vineyards and immerse yourself in historic cellars.

You'll taste world-renowned wines, from the fruitiest to the most complex, while sharing the winemakers' passion for their terroir. A sensory adventure that will awaken your love of wine.

Cycling or walking

Explore the treasures of the Beaujolais region by bike or on foot, following enchanting trails through breathtaking scenery. The vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, providing a sublime backdrop to your escapades. The owners of our gîte are connoisseurs of the region and will guide you to the most beautiful walks, allowing you to discover the hidden secrets of this nature-lover's paradise.

Let yourself be seduced by the magic of the Beaujolais trails, where every step or pedal stroke brings you a little closer to the authenticity and beauty of this exceptional region.

Montgolfière flight


Experience the extraordinary in a hot-air balloon flight over the Beaujolais, a spellbinding experience that will awaken the adventurous soul in you. Float gently through the skies with your family or loved one, taking in breathtaking panoramic views of vineyards, châteaux and verdant valleys.

Let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freedom and wonder, an unforgettable adventure for all lovers of life.

Visit villages and castles

Head for the surrounding villages and châteaux, such as Theizé, Bagnols, Moiré, Jarnioux and Oingt, which reveal a rich historical heritage rooted in the roots of the Beaujolais region. These historic gems invite you to take a trip back in time, through cobbled streets, ancestral stone facades and picturesque squares.

Explore the well-kept secrets of these villages, steeped in history and centuries-old traditions. The châteaux, meanwhile, are majestic reminders of a bygone era, where the grandiose architecture and sumptuous gardens will plunge you into a glorious past.

The charm of French life

In this enchanting region, discover the charm of the French way of life by taking a seat on the terrace of a café or restaurant. Let yourself be carried away by the peaceful atmosphere, the joyful laughter and the exquisite flavours of the local cuisine.

It's an authentic experience that invites you to savour life at your own pace, whether you're travelling as a family, a couple or on your own. So sit back, relax and enjoy the French way of life at its best.

Escape to the surrounding hills on horseback

Escape on horseback through the rolling hills of the Beaujolais, an experience that is sure to delight. Discover the region from a unique perspective, following picturesque trails, passing through lush vineyards and admiring breathtaking panoramas.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, this activity will allow you to create unforgettable memories in harmony with nature. The gentle, well-trained horses will guide you through varied landscapes, offering a real immersion in the beauty and tranquillity of the Beaujolais region.

Golf on the Golf du Beaujolais course


Just a 17-minute drive from our gîte, Golf du Beaujolais invites you to enjoy an exceptional experience all year round. Play on a beautifully manicured course surrounded by vineyards and picturesque hills with panoramic views over the region. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just want to give the sport a try, this course promises a day to remember.

Golf du Beaujolais offers modern facilities and a friendly clubhouse for a relaxing day after a rewarding round of golf. Whether you're a keen golfer or just looking to enjoy a day out, this golfing gem nestled in the heart of the Beaujolais region guarantees an unforgettable experience. Get your clubs ready and come and discover this picturesque place.